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The Practice Of Law Is A Relationship Business

Fierce And Honest Defense For Insurance Companies

When the waters rise, the fires ignite or the wind blows, an insurance policy will typically cover the resulting damage. Even when coverage appears clear, though, there may be limitations, conditions and exclusions within the policy that apply. When coverage is extended, there may be a dispute over the amount of coverage. In other more subtle cases, attorneys representing property owners may push the boundaries of coverage set forth in a policy which, often times, leads to a dispute.

Fortunately, our law firm is dedicated to representing insurance carriers in defending their policies. Likewise, we are experienced enough to evaluate coverage and advise our insurance carrier clients when they may not have a strong position. Honest, direct counseling is a cornerstone of our practice. Open communication early in the process are critical to the success of our carrier clients.

Well-Versed In A Wide Range Of Property Claims

Zinober Diana & Monteverde P.A. represents insurance carriers in disputes related to claims involving:

    • Hurricane, Wind & Hail
    • Water & Plumbing
    • Fire & Arson
    • Assignment of Benefits (AOB)
    • Sinkhole & Vibration
    • Collapse
    • Rodent & Termite Damage
    • Mold
    • Theft
    • Fraud & Misrepresentation

Get The Knowledge And Experience You Need

At Zinober Diana & Monteverde P.A., we have over 50 years of combined experience helping insurance companies defend their policies. Reach us at 855-678-3529 or online.

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