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The Practice Of Law Is A Relationship Business

Partners In Business And Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation covers a broad spectrum of issues involving business disputes. Often, these disputes are between individuals and businesses. Disputes can also involve controversies between one business and another.

Similarly, commercial litigation involves disputes among shareholders, partners and other members of an organization whose relationship has deteriorated, and are in a dispute, including such issues as corporate governance, internal liability, shareholder distribution and derivatives, partnership disputes and the like. In addition, corporate businesses often need outcome-oriented solutions that may include developing legal strategies to improve internal business practices.

A History Of Cost-Effective And Successful Resolution

At Zinober Diana & Monteverde P.A., our attorneys have a wealth of experience negotiating or litigating to resolve commercial disputes. We regularly advise and represent businesses on issues such as:

Businesses typically function best when the professionals comprising the business are able to resolve their disputes in a professional and efficient manner. Litigation should always be the last resort.  We regularly work with company directors, real estate developers, construction companies, builders, major subcontractors, manufacturers of products, distributors of products, as well as other corporations and business professionals to resolve their disputes in a “businesslike” manner, whenever possible.  Where not possible, we are more than adept at taking the next step.

The experienced attorneys at Zinober Diana & Monteverde P.A. will first attempt in good faith to engage the other party in an informal meeting to outline the issues facing each side of the dispute. This meeting will involve applicable and effective dispute resolution techniques, negotiations, and hopefully solutions. Only when no agreement can be obtained will we advise that litigation is required.

After decades of service, guidance and representation, we understand that it is almost always within our clients’ best interest to avoid the cost and time that a court case requires. With experience comes knowledge. This is why we are also able to determine which issues are likely to be resolved outside of court and which issues are best served and more readily resolved via litigation.

When litigation and trial becomes necessary, Zinober Diana & Monteverde P.A. is uniquely qualified to try the matter in any court (as some of our adversaries have learned to their detriment). In this regard, we offer the rare circumstance of being a business and commercial oriented firm that also possesses the trial experience and capabilities normally seen in those types of firms – such as insurance defense, personal injury and criminal law practice – who more regularly go to trial. The reason is simple: our attorneys have come from that arena and have that experience.

Partner With A Team Of Strategic Thinkers

The attorneys at Zinober Diana & Monteverde P.A. have the experience and knowledge to advise, guide and defend clients through all stages of litigation and throughout the handling of any case. From the inception of any matter all the way through trial, including any appeals that may arise, Zinober Diana & Monteverde P.A. has the experience to diligently and effectively represent you, your company and your insureds. At Zinober Diana & Monteverde P.A., we work with your business or you, individually, to resolve whatever issue you may be facing, and to protect and promote your interests.

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Business And Commercial Litigation