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The Thorough Defense Property Owners And Insurance Companies Need

Premises liability cases involve injuries allegedly caused by property conditions that are claimed to be dangerous or defective. The attorneys at Zinober Diana & Monteverde have many years of combined experience defending property owners and their insurance companies against these claims.

Our attorneys understand the laws and the issues involved in these types of claims which allows us to be proactive in defending against them. Our lawyers and investigators will travel to the scene of the accident to document the conditions, interview staff and assess liability. After a thorough evaluation, our lawyers will be prepared to advise you whether it is more prudent to negotiate a settlement or resolve the matter in court.

What Are Common Examples Of Premises Liability Claims? 

Typically, premises liability claims often involve incidents such as the following:

    • Slip and fall cases
    • Dram shop liability
    • Construction site accidents
    • Assault and third-party criminal act claims

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Zinober Diana & Monteverde has successfully resolved cases for businesses, property owners, landlords, contractors, developers, and their insurance companies throughout Florida. Our successes include matters that have gone all the way through jury trial. Contact us today at 855-678-3529, or via our online contact form


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