The Practice Of Law Is A

Relationship Business

The premise that the practice of law is a relationship business is not only our mission statement, it is our commitment to our clients, to our profession and to each other.

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Counseling And Representing Florida Businesses

It’s All In The Relationship

Each matter with which we are presented comes into our firm premised upon a dispute in a relationship between or among two individuals, two businesses or a person and a business. We then strive to understand our client’s business or personal circumstance in order to forge and solidify the relationship between the firm and our client, to best represent the interests and goals of our client. We then engage in aggressive, but honest and truthful relationships with our adversaries: opposing counsel.

Our preparation for trials, hearings or other presentations to the Courts or other forums in which we practice solidifies our relationships with the judiciary, arbitrators, appraisers, mediators, hearing officers and those sitting in other quasi-judicial capacities. Critically, our collaborative – as opposed to a competitive – relationships with our colleagues, both attorneys and staff, lead to a team approach which enhances the collective representation that we can provide to our clients.  The foundation that we strive to achieve – every day – is trust among all of these relationships.  That’s what makes us different.  That’s Zinober Diana & Monteverde P.A.

Offering Quality-Care And Personalized Representation

Why Choose Us

We are your neighbors, your friends and your community.  And you are ours as well.


Everything we do is designed to enhance the position of the client, the firm, and the standing of the legal profession in the eyes of the community. Unlike many of our competitor firms, internally, our hallmark is collaboration – not competition. Each client of Zinober Diana & Monteverde P.A. is a client of the firm – not simply the client of one of the individual lawyers.

Access To A Whole Legal Team

Not only do we present a consistency in our representation, but each client is provided with the power of a team – not just an individual lawyer. 

One United Firm

Although we geographically reside in different locations in the state of Florida and are able to provide the familiarity inherent in many years of practice in the most concentrated portions of the state, we are One Firm. This concept is a hallmark of Zinober Diana & Monteverde P.A. that is ingrained in our core.

We Stay On Top Of The Legal Industry To Best Serve You

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